Pull It EP

by ArcaneTrigger

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Arcane Trigger is an acoustic side project of Wabbit with two of its members:
Severn Henry - Vocals, Guitar
David Ludwig - Vocals, Bass


released January 1, 2011

Recorded by Anthony Pirog



all rights reserved


ArcaneTrigger Potomac, Maryland

Arcane Trigger is an acoustic side project of the band Wabbit featuring two of the members of the band:
Severn Henry - Guitar, Vocals
David Ludwig - Bass, Vocals

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Track Name: You're So Adorable
When we're both old and you need help up the stairs
I'm gonna guide you through each step because I'll always be there
We'll still think it's a big deal to both hold hands
Our friends will think that we're too young and I will make a stand

I'll give you an extra hand in a sing a long
Even when we both get the lyrics completely wrong

We'll struggle together if you want
And I'll take you out to a nice restaurant
I'll hug you tight and hold you close when we're both cold
But if you want I'll get to the point of this whole song

I will reach the unreachable
'cause you're so adorable
You're so adorable.

When it gets late I'll shut off all the lights for you
And bring you coffee every morning to show you what I can do
We'll write some lyrics to our songs by using sticks and sand
They'll wash away but we'd know we could be in a band

I'll clean the house to see you smile one more time
And take Pilates with you just to show that you are mine
Track Name: The Only Thing I Know
I remember the first moment I laid my eyes on you.
My amorous glance fixed upon your bedroom eyes.
We reached cloud nine but our problems soon reached us too.
"What are we going to do?
Our careers clash and it'll never be like in the past."

It's safe to say that you're the only thing I'm sure of,
the only thing I know and I'll never let you go

As my life moves forward, more decisions come my way.
My future looks barren but with you it's fruitful.
This ulterior action is ripping a rift in me
but it can never ever rip me apart from you.
Track Name: The Science Behind Reason
Where were you between 8 and 10?
It all went by so fast
Just take your time and explain it to me again
The things I did and they insisted
Why did I give in?

It's hard to complain when you're legally insane
And no one believes the things you say
Flash back to last night when everything went wrong
I want to know what happened

After what you've done do you think it was worth it?
How can I answer when I can't recall it?
Don't play games with me!
I'm the only thing that can save you from this
Okay I did all of it, is that what you wanted?
Son you'll pay for your actions
Why do I deserve this?

Incarceration my job's done
I hope they find the guilty one
Track Name: Galileo
I just want you to know
That it's impossible
To go on living with regrets I haven't made yet
This one mistake will take this whole night to solve
But if I don't try then I won't have anything at all

I just wanted to figure this one out for humankind
It seems so simple but I know that I'm running out of time
The saddest part is that I won't have a voice that will speak out
My quest is over, I'm giving up but at least I tried to...

Perhaps I jumped to conclusions a little early
I should have tested these experiments more accurately
Thinking outside of the box
Well that's where my challenge starts
But it's too late to try again
Are these thoughts in my head?

I just wanted to figure this one out for humankind
It seems so simple but I know that I'm running out of time
The saddest part is that I won't have a voice that will speak out
My quest is over, I'm giving up but it's just so hard to...
Track Name: Relapse
He's healing tremendously
The fires in him have never burned brighter
Unprecedented recovery
The hope he has gained won't be in vain
I have the utmost belief that he'll leave in a matter of weeks
And won't return here frequently

How could his life take a turn for the worse?
All treatments circumvent my affliction
Your ignorance brings suffering
There's nothing left that I can do

Could you fabricate more untruths?
We both know there's one way out
Until you avow my condition
Of relapse into utter silence
Track Name: Diary of Him and Her
It started over; renew
Didn't know it happened again
It fell apart
He didn't know the damage that would unfold
He lost his heart
It fell apart

He didn't know
She didn't care
It didn't show
They were not there

Ask me over again yeah
She wants everything to be alright
What happen to us all
Big or small
We were right all along
We did not belong